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I've noticed more and more people are surprised to learn they are "coming off" very differently than they intended. At home, at work, people may not be getting the results they are looking for and are left wondering why, "I thought I was clear."  Or, they are getting the desired results, but the results are accompanied by hurt feelings and frustration.


I can help you be understood clearly, with the same intention that you have in mind.  Give me a call to schedule a consult.  


In the meantime, here are my Top Five Communication Tips.

1-Be very clear about your own thoughts and feelings before you start talking.
2-Be clear about want you want to get from the conversation before you start talking. And ask for it!
3-Be kind. Say something that is *unarguably true*, *non-blameful* and *easy to understand*.
4-Never say never. (That goes for "always" as well.)
5-Be more committed to the outcome of the conversation than to being right.




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