Couples Communication Course

In addition to therapy with couples of all stages, I run an online couples communication course.  Here's why-


In the beginning, relationships are easy.  You see your partner and quite literally, they turn you on and make you happy.  Biochemically, there is good reason for that.  However, that wonderful, feeling “in love” stage is not meant to last.  It is magnificent in it’s own right, but, if a relationship is to last, that stage is meant to be replaced by a deeper, stronger love.


That is where my couples communication course comes in.  Think of your relationship as your new home.  You want it built on a rock solid foundation.  You want it to be able to provide your “soft place to land,” refuge from the storms and the elements of life that will inevitably wear on your soul and your relationship.  The “in love” phase is like the fantasy planning stage for your house. “Where will we live?”  You imagine the details, the rooms and the décor.  It is a wonderful time.


But before the actual building takes place, you need a good plan, and then a solid foundation.  Without a solid foundation, even the prettiest of houses come tumbling down. Every relationship is eventually peppered with challenges from time to time; children, illnesses, job changes, financial challenges, families. Good communication and friendship make up the foundation of solid, long term relationships. My 6 week couples communication course builds the foundation of a good relationship and the structure needed to discuss and solve any problem that will eventually come up.


Whether you are just starting out or need a little communication renovation, this is the course for you.


Connie Eriksson RN MSN CS


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