Do you want to

• Understand each other better?

• Trust again?

• Feel closer?

• Stop fighting?

• Be best friends again?

I can help.

I have helped so many couples over the years-

• Couples who were just starting out and wanted to strengthen their foundation,

• Couples who were on the verge of divorce,

• Couples who needed a reboot in their relationship,

• Couples who were recovering from one partner's infidelity,

• Couples adjusting to parenthood,

• Couples blending families,

• Couples who just wanted to feel closer.

Let me help you and your partner.

There are two options-


Couples therapy


In therapy, couples resolve the presenting issues, achieve a greater understanding of what brought them to where they are now as well as learn, practice and master new skills that will allow them to continue being happier and feeling closer once therapy is over. We review the couples' history together and their unique personal histories in order to help them develop new, more effective patterns.  There are often "ah ha" moments that can change the course of a relationship.  For example, "OH, so THAT's why I always get upset when you leave for a trip.  Next time, I will..."


6 Week Relationship Transformation Course


Each week covers a specific topic important to ensuring the health of the relationship.  Each week, you will learn evidence-based, proven techniques to help you fight effectively, stay present (i.e. not shut down or freak out), get and stay close for years to come.  You will not be discussing your "issues" in depth.  


This is great for the couple who...

  • is just starting out and wants to make sure their relationship lasts
  • doesn't want to "do therapy" or rehash their histories with a therapist,
  • just wants to stop fighting,
  • needs better communication skills because of life changes; new parents, empty nesters
  • are "ok," but want to feel closer or communicate better.

Call me and Get started today.

Connie Eriksson RN MSN CS


Insight Based Change

Couples and Individual Therapy


252 W. Swamp Rd. #36

Doylestown, PA 18901



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