What is Therapy?

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Therapy solves problems!

Despite what many may think, therapy usually does not require lying on a couch and talking about your mother for years on end.   Your work with a therapist can be as many or as few sessions as you wish.  Therapy can be a dynamic and interactive process that focuses on strengths, helps you find solutions and reach your goals.  


Therapy is talking, listening, wondering about different viewpoints, discovering why you may think and act the way you do, and problem-solving.   If you are in session with a good therapist, you will feel safe to share the good, the bad and the ugly; the painful and the hilarious. And you will learn tools and strategies for feeling better and becoming better.


This is true for individual therapy as well as couples therapy.  

Benefits of Therapy

Most of my clients are simply trying to navigate the ups and downs of life. Many are going through a time of depression, anxiety, or relationship difficulties.  I am a client-centered therapist. My clients learn techniques that help them through life's ups and downs.

Clients report personal improvement such as:

  • improved mood
  • more balance in their lives
  • more confidence
  • less anger
  • better coping skills
  • more relaxation
  • more enjoyment of their lives and
  • greater life satisfaction.

Others report relationship improvements such as:

  • improved communication in their marriages
  • more joyful and trusting couples relationships
  • improved parenting skills
  • increased family harmony
  • better work relationships and
  • more satisfying friendships.

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